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Portfolio Cube is a software platform developed for the Asset Management universe, in particular for Investment Funds, UCITS Funds, Hedge Funds.

The PMS (Position Management System) manages the entire life cycle of an order: from its generation and transmission to the execution venue or counterparty (at different levels and with different technologies) to the receipt of the order execution details.

The software includes the following functions

- Scenario Analysis

- Sensitivity Analysis

- VaR Calculations

- Investment Policy Analysis and warning

- Compliance UCITS Analysis and warning

Thanks to these features this software is used not only to manage and process the order flows, but also acts as a tool for further analysis by the Risk Manager or the Portfolio Manager or other organizational figures.

Key Benefits

App-based and highly performant Order Managment technology tailored to the needs of asset managers

  • Covers most markets.
  • Pre-trade compliance tools.
  • UCITS IV compliance rules.
  • Embedded VaR calculations and Backtesting tools.