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Positions management

- Portfolio evaluation featuring segmented view for portfolio, asset class, currency and market.

- The portfolios may relate both to individual customers (in the case of management on an individual basis) or to funds or segments of funds (in the case of management on a collective basis).

- Markets and instrument coverage: the system manages all listed instruments (stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, options, futures) and plain vanilla OTC instruments (spot and forward FOREX, IRS plain vanilla).

- Integrated sensitivity analysis and calculation of the portfolio's Greeks in real-time.

- Quantitative and graphical What-if analysis in order to manage complex positions by a qualitative point of view.

- Customizable automatic reports for continuous monitoring of the most risky positions.

Order management

- Complete management of the life cycle of the order, from the submission of the recommendation by the consultant / advisor to the execution by the broker. It is possible to customize the complexity of the states order according to customer's needs.

- Real-time order state change notifications to the Front and Web applications

- It is possible to upload a set of recommendations or orders via Excel file (both for Front and Web users).

- Cancellation or revocation or modification of status for multiple orders.

- Order logs: audit and tracking of all the intraday modifications and status changes: the Front users can monitor the complete order timeline from its generation to its execution.

- Order routing to brokers: the system allows the automatic generation of emails, with attached Excel file with e.g. order lists, to place the order with the execution counterparty or for its subsequent amendment/revocation. Orders can be alternatively forwarded via FIX protocol.

- Rejection of a recommendation: the system automatically generates a rejection mail on a non-compliant recommendation by an advisor or a consultant also indicating the reasons for the rejection.

Investment Policy

- Verification of the subfunds' Prospectus rules. Rule setting can be done manually or through integration and synchronization with the user's existing in-house systems.

- Test results:the result of the test is accompanied by details on the same Front users can personally check each item that led to an outcome.

UCITS compliance

- Management of UCITS rules in both pre-trade and post-trade by applying the usual UCITS IV rules.

- Commitment and VaR approach both supported.

- Separate management of the enabled tests on single segment/fund.

- Advanced optimization for management of hedges with derivatives (futures, options and forwards).

- VaR calculation with the three standard methods (Parametric, Historical Simulation and Monte Carlo) with particular focus on Historical Simulation through the use of different proprietary models.

- The proprietary models can calculate the VaR of very complex positions in derivatives, by optimizing results and allowing regulatory limits to be respected through the careful initial calibration of models.

- The speed of VaR calculation allows to use it for the pre-trade calculation for those UCITS funds that use the VaR approach.

- Stress testing and periodic back testing of VaR.

- Accurate support for the selection of the model, definition of the parameters and eventual periodic review of the model.

- Identification of the most risky funds or protfolios

- Full customizable management of existing and new user custom rules / tests to conform not only to regulation but also to adapt from best-practice norms and ESMA directions.

- Test results: results are accompanied by details on the same. Front users can personally check each item that led to that outcome.

Technology for the users

- Dual technology: Windows applications for the FRONT, web applications for consultants / advisors / promoters / customers.

- The application for the FRONT is designed as a Windows application to be installed on-site. Cube Client is an application that offers great performance, real-time notifications, pre-trade and post-trade compliance, integrated chat, multi-screen support. It is characterized by a professional analysis interface to allow precise and rapid monitoring of a multitude of portfolios.

- External users and advisors access through "Cube Web App", a web application of the latest generation, usable from any browser and from any device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone). It displays the main information of portfolios (i.e. positions and margin requirements) and is provided with full functionality to forward trade recommendations to the Manager.

Cube Client

- Visualization of positions at most recent close-of-business or at a past date with advanced filtering and analysis with customizable aggregations.

- Visualization of orders, order logs and order fills (executions).

- Granular pre-trade single order compliance checks.

- Visualization of investment policy and compliance for all portfolios with details of any past and current calculation.

- What-if and sensitivity analysis (portfolio Greeks calculation).

- Almost no calculation is performed on the client's side: all displayed data is computed on the server side.

Web Cube

- Asset Allocation for macro Asset Class.

- Visualization of portfolio positions with filtering functions.

- Visualization of order and executions with filtering functions.

- Insertion, removal and modification of investment recommendations on both standard and OTC orders (spot and forward Forex, IRS, CDS).

- Search tool in the registry and request to open new registry.

- Upload of multiple orders through Excel spreadsheet.

Input data flow for the system

- Symbols / tickers /RICs: Bloomberg Open Symbology (BSYM) is used.

- End-of-the-day portfolio data: the Cube Interface synchronizes the positions with back office data or on other media (various types of files or external databases).

- Flow of market data: through a licensing with Bloomberg or any other data provider that supports BSYM, the system can be interfaced with the end-of-the-day or the real-time reference data.

- Flow of Executions: the insertion can be manual, automatic with an precompiled Excel file or through a FIX flow.

- Additional external module:the "Key" module allows you to synchronize the bank accounts with the data in the system and to perform next-day reconciliation.

Support and assistance

- For the traditional conditions of assistance kindly refer to the relative section.

- Portfolio Cube also offers a level of urgent short-time assistance to solve any particular problem. The universe of the investments managed by the system is vast and there may be special cases to handle (registry, orders, verifying limits).