- OptionCube is an analysis platform for traders of listed options. It is directly integrated with market data and the end users' trading platforms. It is used by professional traders at international banks who need to manage their complex derivatives strategies both in operational terms (through simulations and scenario analysis) and in terms of risk analysis and management.

- Powerful analysis tools allow the end user to manage and to parametrize the inputs of the calculations at local level: dividends, volatility curves, and to perform very detailed scenario analysis.

- The real-time "tick by tick" monitoring and integration with the users' own platforms allows the traders to dispose of an essential analysis tool while maintaining the existing technology.

- Option Cube is reserved to institutional clients as an integration to their in-house systems.

Key Benefits

App-based, high-performance trading technology designed for today’s options traders' needs.

  • Covers most markets.
  • Embedded Risk Management tools.
  • Embedded advanced volatility manager.