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- The application is installed on a dedicated server in the customer's own LAN in order to be called to perform pre-trade and post-trade margin calculations.

- Local installation OS requirements: Windows or Linux operating system.

- Depending on the underlying market, margin calculations are performed using TIMS, PRISMA or SPAN in its various declinations.

- The service covers most of the regulated derivatives markets worldwide: Idem, Eurex, CME, ICE, Liffe, Matif, Monep, EEX and several related sub-markets. Any market that is managed with the SPAN model, in all its declinations, can be activated.

- Margin calculation in End-Of-the-Day mode (by using the official End-Of-the-Day risk array) or in Real-Time mode (by recalculating the risk array based on real-time market data).

- The Worst-Case Scenario takes outstanding (i.e. limit) orders into account the calculation of the commitment.

- First-class computational performance.

Support and assistance

- For the usual conditions of assistance please refer to the relative section.

-In addition to the help desk's first level of support, a specialized team can further assist the customer in case a second level of inspection is needed.