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- Cube API-Margins is an online service to calculate the margin requirements for portfolios with positions in listed derivatives. It was designed for financial institutions or companies that provide financial services to replicate the margin calculations according to the native models used by Clearing Houses. The data is recalled remotely and the calculation is integrated in the in-house margin calculation platform.

- The coverage is complete, both in terms of the models used (i.e. Span, Tims, Prisma) and of market coverage, i.e. all the major markets worldwide.

- The service is accessible through any browser and doesn't require any installation or any investment in technology by the customer.

- The positions, when the end user chooses to store them, are maintained in the data center based in Switzerland protected to the highest safety standards.

Key Benefits

Cloud service to deliver derivatives portfolio sensitivity analysis without any infrastructure costs

  • No upfront costs, accessible through any browser.
  • Lower total cost of ownership for your Portfolio Analysis infrastructure.
  • Great markets coverage.